South Florida Pergolas For Affordable Commercial Use

While many business owners may not have considered South Florida pergolas for their property, they are a desired addition for spas, restaurants, hotels and resorts. This area is famous for its fantastic weather but with that comes several challenges. Strong winds, rainstorms, extreme heat and insects can make enjoying your time outside a challenge and that’s not something business owners want for their guests. Patios and porches do not have the functionality that’s needed to adapt to South Florida’s constantly changing circumstances and it’s important that you find something that accommodates these changes as well as your customers.

This is where pergolas can provide you with a real advantage. These custom-built units fit seamlessly into your property and provide your guests with the ideal combination of outdoor exposure while still giving you the ability to control climate and protect your guest from inspects and rain. Every restaurant owner knows the annoyance that comes with having people eat outside on a patio. The patios are less desirable because of the weather and bugs. You also have the added problem of insects getting into the main building because of doors either being left open or being frequently opened. The best way to accommodate your guests and still take advantage of South Florida’s climate is to invest in these custom pergolas.

Our designs are utilized by businesses throughout the state, they are designed based on the requests of our clients, are very affordable and durable. They have been tested against hurricane force winds and passed each test. If you would like to learn more about these units or schedule a consultation with one of our engineers to learn more about the advantages of pergolas and how they can be utilized on your property feel free to contact us today. It’s time to give your customers what they want and make sure your business benefits for it.